We have designed a range of trackers based on multiple technologies, with the aim of meeting the specific integration needs in electric vehicles, in order to provide the most advanced functionalities in terms of geolocation and telematics.

Connected Cycle supports you in choosing the right technology as well as in the integration engineering.

Powered trackers

4G/GPS Trackers

Ideal for electric bikes and scooters.

  • Worldwide connectivity.
  • Over the air upgrade.
  • Best-in class energy consumption.
  • Wide input voltage.
  • Multiple adaptators.
  • Waterproof casing.

On top of that, Bluetooth connection, and UART ports making it extendable for many integration scenarios :

  • Bike locker control.
  • Battery management system interconnection.
  • Switch motor to security position.

Wi-Fi Tracker

The Smallest Wifi tracker with telematics capabilities.

  • Indoor & Outdoor Geolocation.
  • Telematics (UART and CAN Bus).
  • Over the air upgrade.
  • Location recording.
  • 5 meters accuracy.
  • Adjustable update frequency.
  • Includes Bluetooth.

Can be directly integrated into the batteries or easily hidden in bikes and escooters.

Autonomous trackers

Autonomous trackers Wi-Fi or Cellular

Track your mechanical bikes.

  • Zero-wire.
  • Indoor and Outdoor.
  • Low-power.
  • Adaptable refresh frequency.
  • Worldwide coverage: our technology is the same in every country, thus the same hardware can operate anywhere
  • Over the air upgrade.