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Connected Cycle Welcomes EU Declaration on Cycling 

April 3, 2024

Connected Cycle welcomes the European Declaration on Cycling signed today in Brussels.


Today’s milestone builds upon the European Parliament’s Resolution on Cycling, which was adopted  in February 2023, and marks a final approval of the European Declaration on Cycling draft put forward by the European Commission in October last year.


The Declaration has eight key principles and 36 commitments to boost cycling and support the delivery of EU’s key goals. The Declaration states: “In order to fulfil the potential of cycling so that it can effectively help achieve EU mobility, climate, environmental, health, industrial and social objectives, the use of cycling in the EU should increase substantially”.


Among the 36 commitments set by the EU authorities, Connected Cycle particularly welcomes the following statements close to our heart:

22. improving security at public bike parking spaces (including bike sharing and multimodal hubs), and increasing efforts to tackle the issue of bike theft;

24. creating conditions to increase the European production of a broad range of bicycles (including e-bikes, speed pedelecs, and bikes for people with disabilities) and their components, including access to materials, equipment and maintenance of a global level-playing field through existing EU trade defence instruments;

28. recognising the European cycling industry as a partner in the mobility system in order to strengthen resilience, sustainability, circularity and digitalisation in the cycling sector;

29. supporting cycling service industries, such as bike sharing and cycle logistics, especially in cities, including by strengthening the integration of cycle logistics into the logistics system.

36. developing statistics on cycling and its infrastructure at local, national and EU levels, including cooperation between Member States and Eurostat to collect cycling data.

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