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Our product line up

Our products, designed and developed by the Connected Cycle team, are based on the latest electronic and software technologies to be provide a high quality experience and reliability Our connectivity solutions offer a wide range of possibilities, discover them below and contact us to receive personalized advice.

Micro Mobility Trackers

Connected Cycle has always been committed to mastering all the elements of its solution, this is why we choose to develop our own IoT devices. This lead us to offer specifically designed solutions for micromobility fleets, and to provide our customers with the latest innovations.

Battery connectivity

Battery performance is one of the biggest challenges in mobility, being able to extend their lifespan thanks to a detailed and permanent analysis, or simply to guard against thefts, have become essential for the development of sustainable micromobility fleets.

Saas / App

Bike commuting is revolutionizing the bike market and opens a new era for bikes with built-in connectivity. On a market where the price is key, Connected Cycle offers a unique value proposition with geolocation products tailored for bike integration.


Get more knowledge on your supply chain real-life process and improve their performances thanks to our worldwide working supply chain tracking solutions.

Connected Cycle masters the technologies of electronic design, embedded software development and cloud

Micro Mobility Trackers

Connected Cycle IoT (trackers) are designed to meet micro-mobility connectivity requirements : easy to hide, easy to install, easy to power, able to communicate with bike controler. Our products are based on the most reliable technologies

Powered - Wifi

Connected Cycle has designed and patented a worldwide tiny WIFI Bluetooth IoT (Tracker) able to track and remotely lock vehicle low TCO : data logging remote commands : but not full realtime
Powered wifi tracker
Picture of a connected cycle 4G/GNSS/WIFI powered tracker

Powered - 4G/GNSS/WIFI

Worldwide connectivity.
Over the air upgrade.
Wide input voltage.
Multiple adaptators.
Waterproof casing.
On top of that, Bluetooth connection, and UART ports making it extendable for many integration scenarios :
Bike locker control.
Battery management system interconnection.
Switch motor to security position.

Non powered - Wifi

Connected Cycle has designed and patented a tiny WIFI Bluetooth IoT (Tracker) providing WORLDWIDE connectivity with low consumption and large autonomy
Non powered wifi tracker
Connected cycle non powered 4G tracker

Non powered - 4G/GNSS/WIFI

Connected Cycle cellular IoT (Trackers) leverage IoT 4G LTE-M technology to provide large coverage and low consupltion and assisted GNSS + WIFI to provide high accuracy geolocation

  • Track your mechanical bikes.
  • Zero-wire.
  • Large autonomy.
  • Adaptable refresh frequency.
  • Worldwide coverage.
  • Over the air upgrade.

Battery Connectivity

Based on our patented technology, integrated to your batteries, our new CAN bus IoT opens up new perspectives in batteries inventory and monitoring

Deep discharge alert

Automatic alert in case of risk of deep discharge of a battery.

Extend the life of your batteries

State of health monitoring

Permanent monitoring of state of charge and health of batteries by communicating with BMS.

Recommendations to optimize battery management and life.

Remote Inventory

Remote geolocated inventory of batteries in warehouse as well as in the vehicles on the field. 

Send a remote command to disable batteries or change configuration

The combination of our hardware and software technologies provides a complete connectivity experience.


Our web application has all the fleet management functions, dashboards, and individual and global analysis. It is constantly evolving to bring even more convenient new features.
Printscreen of a connected cycle fleet management app

Fleet Management

Connectivity to boost your fleet performance.
– Implement predictive maintenance.
– Improve operations efficiency.
– Organize team work.
Thief cuting a bike lock

Anti-theft remote system

Recover stolen bikes with real
-time tracking, geofencing & motion alerts.
– Share tracking link to bike hunters.
– Activate a remote buzzer to deter theft.
– Deactivate electric assistance remotely.

Saas application back office for bike fleet management

Multi tenant application

Made for teamwork
– Multiple users.
– Groups & subgroups management.
– Personalized experience.
Connected cycle map for bike fleet rebalancing

Data analysis

Measure the evolution of your activity.

– Study customer behavior.
– Monitor distances travelled and Co2 savings.
– Export regular reports.
Printscreen of a connected cycle bike share rebalancing app

Bike share rebalancing

Smart & sustainable operations.
– Improve customer satisfaction.
– Improve operations efficiency.
– Reduce costs.
Removable Ebike battery

Battery swapping

– Monitor battery levels.
– Charging level notifications.
– Team work automation.
Printscreen of a connected cycle device management platform

Device management platform

Our Device Management contributes to reduce downtime and enhance device security. Our Device Management platforme enables to manage and monitor your devices remotely, ensuring they function optimally and remain secure.
End user smartphone app for bike localisation

Commands & alerts

  • Lock & Unlock remotely.
  • Automate notifications to customer or team members.
  • Telematics alerts for predictive maintenance.
End user smartphone app for bike sharing

End user smartphone app

If you do not want to develop your own smartphone application, you can use our smartphone application for end-users.

MAn working on a computer

Set up & diagnostic tool

Connected application for laptop allowing health check and diagnostic for Connected Cycle Trackers (IoT)
Connected cycle deploys a set of support services to ensure the success of your projects.


Customer care is in Connected Cycle DNA, we want to provide you with the best possible experience, in our products and in our support.

Customer care

Our customer support is open 7 days a week


Connected Cycle provides onboarding trainings and live coaching sessions depending on customer requirements.

Engineering for installation

As IoT (tracker) implementation on vehicle is key, Connected Cycle provides engineering support to customer, to reach perfect reliable installation (mechanical, electrical and telematics).

Project management

From setup to run, Connected Cycle project managers take care of compliance of lead time and costs.
From setup to run, Connected Cycle assists you in your fleet management project

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