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Connected Cycle’s solutions are dedicated to professionals who expect the highest efficiency from their fleet and want to offer innovative and competitive services.

Fleet management

Connectivity to boost your fleet performance.
Bike fleet management offers a range of benefits that can help companies to operate more efficiently, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. By implementing our centralized system that tracks and monitors bike usage, managers can optimize resources, improve safety, and ultimately, grow their profitability.

Remote Anti Theft

Recover stolen bikes with real-time tracking, geofencing & motion alerts.

– Share GPS data and tracking link with bike hunters

– Activate a remote buzzer to deter theft

– Deactivate electric assistance remotely

Digital Tools

Urban Bike revolution is revolutionizing the bike market and opens a new era for bikes with built-in connectivity. On a market where the price is key, Connected Cycle offers a unique value proposition with geolocation products tailored for bike integration.

OEM / White Label

Get more knowledge on your supply chain real-life process and improve their performances thanks to our worldwide working supply chain tracking solutions.
Our solutions include all the cutting-edge digital tools specifically designed for micro mobility fleet management.

Fleet Management

Whether you need geolocation or telematics data, the Connected Cycle fleet manager allows you to quickly view and analyze the situation of your vehicles. Our software is a workspace designed for micro mobility fleet operators, it allows your team members to access the data that concerns them in an autonomous and personalized way.
Fleet management geolocalisation map

Fleet management is a crucial component of any organization that manages a large number of vehicles.

In effect, with a centralized system place, managers can easily track the location and condition of each bike, ensuring that they are being used efficiently and effectively By tracking bike usage, managers identify bikes that are not being used to their fullest potential and make changes to ensure that resources are being used effectively.

This can result in a significant reduction in maintenance and repair costs, as well as reduced costs associated with bike theft.

Another benefit of bike fleet management is increased safety. With real-time tracking and monitoring, managers can quickly identify potential safety issues and take action to prevent accidents.

Especially for bike fleets that are used in busy urban environments, where the risk of accidents is higher. Finally, bike fleet management can improve customer satisfaction.

By providing customers with access to well-maintained bikes that are always available when they need them, companies can create a positive reputation and build customer loyalty.

This will lead to increased business and revenue.

Connected Cycle has developed the best tools and automations to fight against theft.

Remote Anti Theft

End user smartphone app for bike localisation

Connected to maintain control

– Deactivate electric system remotely

– Activate buzzer

– Share tracking link with Police

– Geofencing alerts

Our fleet management portal gives you all the dashboards you need to improve your operations’ performance and to manage your fleet remotely.

Digital tools


We provide standard and customizable (format and fields) APIs : ​ ​

– push service (JSON) in real time to your IT.​

– end points in get or post to retrieve data

Connected cycle maas platform with data history

Management platform

IoT (Tracker) Setup & Diagnostic tool ​for OEM & maintenance agent

OEM / White label

Take advantage of Connected Cycle technologies enrich your customer experience with connected services :

– Bike tracking anti-theft.

– Social Sharing.

– News & Events.

– Maintenance & service.

– Promotion.

– Community forum.

– Upsell. Create your own brand solution from reliable technological bricks by saving time and money, and benefit from our experience in the management of technological project.

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