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€55 million for the French Bicycle Industry

April 23, 2024

This week, the French government launched a €55 million call for projects for the Bicycle Industry.  


This call for projects, operated on behalf of the State by ADEME, is part of the 2023-2027 cycling and walking plan presented by the French Government in May 2023, which sets out the ambition to: ‘Make cycling a lever for our economy’. This scheme confirms the Government’s desire to support innovation and structure the entire bicycle industry, from assembly to recycling.  


In particular, the aim is to assemble 1.4 million bicycles a year by 2027 and at least 2 million bicycles a year by 2030.  


The fourth part of the call for projects, ‘Technological building blocks and demonstrators of innovative solutions directly linked to bicycles and their equipment’, aims to support research and development projects or initial demonstrators of innovative solutions led by start-ups or manufacturers.   


Connected Cycle is delighted with the interest shown in technology as part of this call for projects, convinced that the reindustrialisation of this sector will depend in particular on the development of an ecosystem of innovative companies with strong links to brands and assemblers.   

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