Eurobike 2024: Introducing Bike Intelligence by Connected Cycle - Connected Cycle

Eurobike 2024: Introducing Bike Intelligence by Connected Cycle

July 1, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Connected Cycle will be unveiling its latest innovation at the Eurobike trade show this week in Frankfurt: Bike Intelligence—the first affordable, connected, end-to-end bike & customer intelligence solution specifically designed for bicycle manufacturers.


The Revolution of Bike Intelligence

Bike Intelligence comes from the assessment that until today most cycle brands have little understanding of who are their customers and how they use their bikes.


What if a bicycle brand could, at the press of a button, comprehensively know their customers and compare their bicycle usage by distribution channel, city, region, country, city size, seasonality, etc.?


At the heart of this revolutionary solution is ccW BI, a miniature device (24x15x2 mm) that brings unprecedented connectivity and insights to bike manufacturers. What sets ccW BI apart is its ability to wirelessly report high value data, including:

  • Sales Information: report when a bicycle is sold to an end customer.
  • Usage Patterns: spatial & temporal insights into how and where bikes are being ridden.
  • Customer Profiles: detailed data & segmentation about the types of customers using the bikes.


This wealth of information empowers manufacturers with the data they need to optimize their products, their advertising, their one to one marketing and understand their market better than ever before.


The Bike intelligence solution seamlessly combines three in-house expertise areas of Connected Cycle. First, electronics and embedded software expertise, to deliver a miniaturized, fit for usage, lean IoT solution. Second, a proven, robust cloud platform, designed to scale and host multi-million data points. Third, high skills in data management and AI-based insight generation,” explained Jean-Marie Debbasch, CEO and founder of Connected Cycle.


Cost-Effective Connectivity

One of the standout features of Bike Intelligence is its affordability. Traditional connectivity solutions often require a 4G modem, a SIM card, and a data plan, which can be prohibitively expensive, hardware-wise and service-wise, for a bike manufacturer. Bike Intelligence delivers the required benefits at a fraction of the cost, making it accessible for a very broad range of bicycle products.


ccW BI records bike usage and locates itself thanks to Wi-Fi triangulation. It logs its data and communicates regularly with the cloud via public Wi-Fi hotspots commonly found in cities. The communication via Wi-Fi hotspots is among the unique features of this product thanks to the proprietary and patented know-who of Connected Cycle.


Experience Bike Intelligence at Eurobike 2024

We invite you to discover Bike Intelligence firsthand. Join us at Eurobike, where we will be showcasing this groundbreaking solution. Visit us at Hall 9, Booth B16-C, to see ccW BI in action and learn more about how it can transform your business.


Additionally, we are available for pre-scheduled meetings on the show floor. If you would like to plan a dedicated time to discuss how Bike Intelligence can benefit your company, please click here.


We look forward to seeing you at Eurobike and sharing how Bike Intelligence can drive the future of cycling!

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