Webinar Replay : Unlocking Success: A How-to Guide for Connected Bike Projects - Connected Cycle

Webinar Replay : Unlocking Success: A How-to Guide for Connected Bike Projects

May 2, 2024

This webinar offers a simple guide for people in charge of a connected bike project.


Key Topics Include:

– Selecting the Right Technologies: Dive into the maze of telecommunication and geolocation technologies: from 4G to GPS to WiFi, discover the right tech to connect & geolocate your bicycle.

– Power Supply and Consumption: Ensure 24/7 connectivity for both pedal bikes and eBikes. Learn the best practices to keep your bikes powered up and connected.

– Navigating the Cabling Jungle: Tackle the challenges of a cabling jungle. Learn how to seamlessly connect the system to the bike and overcome obstacles.

– Physical Integration: Gain insights into best practices and pitfalls to avoid when integrating connectivity and geolocation solutions into bikes physically.

– Connecting to Bike Motors & Controllers: Enhance the intelligence of your bikes by understanding the basics of UART/CANBus and how it can revolutionize your fleet.

– Data Management & Visualization: Master effective strategies for managing and visualizing data: Draw on a decade of experience in implementing bike connectivity projects for companies of all sizes.



🎤 Speakers:

Jean-Marie Debbasch, CEO Connected Cycle: With 25 years in telecommunications, Jean-Marie has overseen 50+ bike connectivity projects across Europe and North America.

Ludovic Privat, Sales Director, Connected Cycle: Bringing over two decades of experience, Ludovic co-founded a startup specializing in location tracking for bicycles and patented a Bluetooth-based geolocation method.  


Watch the webinar now: https://event.webinarjam.com/login/n00ogt5i7ini1sx

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